7 Must-Haves for a Landing Page

Do you have an amazing offer or service to give to your clients?  Then it’s time to get your landing page ready.  But before we get to creating a landing page, let’s make sure we understand it.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is designed to highlight a specific product or service.  This is your space to pitch your product to a client on one web page.  It is usually short and action-oriented to sell something immediately.  Your landing page must have all the information a client needs to make an informed purchase.

So what needs to be on a landing page?

1. Mission Statement.

Speak to your audience. 

What are you selling?  Who are you selling it to? How does it improve your client’s life?

Make it obvious. As soon as they get on your landing page they understand if your services are for them or not.

2. Emotional Hook.

Focus on the solution you provide. People don’t buy services or products, they but the feeling they get from it!

You want to connect to your audience on an emotional level first and then back it up with the logical part and facts.

What problem will your product solve, and why should they care? Show your product’s value and how it fits in with their desires.

Put yourself in the shoes of your dream clients. What is keeping them awake at night? What do they truly wish? Then use their language to make them think: ” WOW she’s talking to me!”

Will, your product gives them more free time? More clients? Another highly-effective way to awaken emotions is to add visuals through photos and designs.

Get them excited about your offer.

3. Service Offering Detail.

Describe and show information about your product. Take your emotional hook one step further, and talk about your product’s value.  This is your chance to explain why they should purchase from you.  Share pictures or video to help a customer see what they will be purchasing.

Bring on all the details to your offer so now that they got excited on an emotional level you confirm the value with the facts.

4. About - Introduce yourself

If it’s a personal service, tell them about your experience and mission and explain why you are the right person to work with.  This helps build trust and makes the product/service more tangible. This is where you wanna connect to your dream clients by showing them that you understand their needs and desires and explain how you can help them to achieve them.

5. Social Proof.

Share reviews and testimonials. 

We are more likely to buy things that have already been reviewed by other people.

Reviews and testimonials of happy customers provide proof of value and build trust.  These can be quotes, social media posts, photos, or even a counter tallying the number of sales you’ve made. Showing off your success stories improves gives your visitors the feeling ” if they can do it, so can I” and converts your visitors easier into paying clients.

5. Calls to Action. (CTA)

After providing all the information about your product, it’s time to convert!  Your CTA must be easy, simple, and obvious.  This is how someone actually buys your product.

It can contain information about any variations of your product (for example, different subscription levels), and pricing information. Your CTA should be listed in multiple places on your landing page. The CTA button should take you directly to the checkout process.

I recommend to use your own language for the call to action instead of just : Buy, Work with me. 

I like exciting words like: I’m ready for this! ,Yes this is for me!, I need this!  or Sign me up!  

5. Lead Magnet / Freebie

Offer your visitors something for free, so they can get a cleanse into your offers. You wanna provide value and enough content to excite a client so that they see your potential and consider signing up to work for you in the future. It’s a perfect way to buil trust and advertise your services passively. If you need more infos on what a lead magnet is and why you need it, you can read the Blog: Why You Need to Have a Lead Magnet.

Are you ready to get started?