Kajabi is a very popular platform to build and manage a website for online coaches. 

Is provides you with all the digital marketing tools you need to market your business online. 

You have the option to integrate and manage online courses, Memberships, Masterminds, Online shops, Funnels, Email Marketing, Online Payments and much more all in one.

What makes marketers use this tool? How effective is it?

KAJABI is a content management tool. Any online marketer and content creator can use this content marketing system to a centralized platform from which to sell, market and deliver product content. With Kajabi, users can create digital products like online courses, membership sites and training portals efficiently and effectively. Moreover, users can also build engaging, aesthetic product content, produce customizable themes, stream videos/images/audio and add file downloads. All essentials can be bought into one website. An integrated blog will help you acquire subscribers. Kajabi also facilitates sales, marketing and customer engagement.

Is it worth the price?

Kajabi seems more pricey than other platforms, but if you’re making use of the several tools it provides, you might even have a lower investment than you’d have spending memberships for several platforms separately. 

Example: You are a coach that offers, 1:1 coaching, digital products, Masterminds with memberships for closed groups, plus online courses, funnels and email marketing. 

Kajabi: All in one for 1528$ billed manually.

WordPress: Hosting ~ 100$, Domain ~20$, Page builder ~50$, Email Marketing ~350$, Course creator ~400$, Funnel ~200$ Membership tool  ~250$, altogether more than 1370$ 
and these are just the several tools without the time saving compared.

You’d probably be spending the same or more using another platform, as you’d have to pay extra for each extern platform. while spending much more time and effort in managing and combining all of them.

Advantages of Kajabi Platform

  • A user-friendly tool
  • Security Management and updates are done for you.
  • Provides you more valuable customizable themes
  • A well-integrated tool with lots of great features
  • Good for customer care service 24/7
  • Allows online marketers to easily market their products
  • Out of box functionality
  • Provides you seamless integration with stripe
  • Allows you for one time or recurring subscriptions
  • You get monthly updates to improve and expand the functionality
  • Pipelines (Lead generation pipelines) are there to help to go from landing pages to opt-in engagement and or sale. /Funnel integrations.
  • Provides terrific email marketing tools
  • You get in-depth reports
  • Amazing Affiliate programs
  • Collaboration with third-party services like Paypal, MailChimp, etc.
  • Easy Social Media integration 
  • The cost-effective tool also saves you lots of time.

Disadvantages of Kajabi Platform

  • Limits your rich text emails
  • There are no attributes to create certificates
  • Assessment customization is limited
  • You need coding skills and editing site post photos to use this tool customized
  • Kabaji is a little bit costly.


Sum up

Some may hesitate to join Kajabi because of its comparatively higher pricing, it will offer advantages in the long run. This means you don’t need to use as many third-party websites to run your business. This means you can sell online courses without paying extra for so many tools. It is very user-friendly and you make an online business in no time.