Ultimate branding experience

You and your business are 

Your brand should be no different.

I help you build a brand that truly aligns with..

Your mission 

Your core values

Your heart desires

So that you can create an instand connection with your dream clients

the branding experience process

We will get crystal clear on the essence of your business.

With the help of the Soul Clarity Workbook, you’ll put pen to paper to distill your ideas, values and desires.

On our Clarity call, we will remove any blocks or insecurities about your dream business and brand and finalize your branding message.

We will ensure our visions are aligned, so that I can create your brand just as you wish it to be.


To facilitate this, we’ll create a custom-designed mood board that represents the essence of your business and the solutions that it provides to your customers. 

Once the mood board perfectly reflects your vision, we’ll move onto the single elements of your brand.

This is where the magic happens.

With all the information previously collected, I’ll start crafting several logo options for you. We will adjust the logo design until it completely resonates with you and your business’s mission.

We will repeat the same process for your alternate logo and submark.

Once all of your logos have been created, I’ll build the separate brand elements.

Upon completion of the creation of your brand elements, you will receive high-resolution files of these assets via Google Drive along with a brand style guide.

We will then have a final call to discuss how to use the brand elements, so that you can start building an instant, emotional connection with your dream client.

What's included?

Our Timeline

What my clients say:


1379 CHF

Payment plan option: 

2 payments of 730 CHF one month apart