Life and Spiritual Coaching

Project: Branding Experience

about the project

Cheryl Crowie is a life and spiritual coach who practice holistic, covering life coaching, counselling/therapeutic tools as well as a spiritual element.

Emotions of the brand

Inspiring, Tranquil, Soothing, Vibrant, Dreamy, Magical, Radiant

Kind words

Working with Sina was an absolute delight! I wish our partnership didn’t have to come to an end. Sina’s professionalism and friendly demeanour made our 9 month branding and website design journey together effortless. Her openness to co-create and listen to me as the client was inviting and inspiring. 

At every stage of the design journey, I felt understood and heard by Sina. She brought my ideas to life, even when I couldn’t yet articulate the ideas myself. She is patient, extremely helpful and efficient. 

Sina was committed to seeing my journey to the point I was happy and content ; she strives for excellence in her work. 

Thank you for a beautiful partnership, Sina. Your work continues to inspire me!

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