How to create 3D graphics for your marketing

How to create 3D graphics for your marketing?

Have you ever wondered how designer create those graphics ?

Well I’m gonna show you exactly how you can do it with free online tools super easy and quick!

You learn:

1. How to cut out the background of pictures

it just looks cool if you have only the silhouette of yourself, and add it into your graphic, doesn’t it?

Well you don’t need photoshop or any fancy tools for this any more! I show you how to do it super simple and quick with a free tool online calles Photoscissors ! 😉

2. how to create a beautiful 3d looking graphic from scretch

With another amazing tool called Canva you can create any marketing materials for free.

They offer you lots of creative templates and features you can use for free. But today we simply use the tool to create one from scretch!

Watch the tutorial here:

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