How to manifest your ideal clients?

What is manifesting & how does it work?

Manifesting is co-creating with the universe. You know what you want and let the universe help you to make it a reality. You don’t need to know in which way your dreams and goals come to reality but simply focus on the result and the feeling you would have once it is manifested.

This sounds easy and too good to be true, right??

Well, this powerful tool works but it isn’t that easy for everyone to use. The reason why this method doesn’t work for all is cause they simply think and believe in their dream for a short time and lose track of it. Current life circumstances take all your focus so you don’t give your subconscious mind enough time to believe it is true.

That’s why I created this Client Manifesto and the Universal Payment Check, that helps you to be as detailed as possible with your manifestation and keep your focus on the vibration of your dream to quickly let it become your reality! 

You can use this method for any kind of creations, this is a way how I manifest my dream clients and success for my business that I share with you. You can download the files and print them or just write down all these answers into your journal every day.

Make it a 7-day challenge to attract your ideal client with ease! 

Here are my recommended steps to take:

  • Write down the answers for 7 days, it only takes 17 seconds for your unconscious mind to believe a thought. That’s why writing it down is so much more powerful than just reading it.
  • Print the universal payment check, fill it out and place it on any locations where you see it often every day, like the bathroom mirror, your fridge, etc. This helps you to keep reminding your self of the vision during the day as well.
  • Another important tip, whenever you read your manifesto or see your Universal payment check, take 20 seconds to feel the emotions as it already would be reality!
  • Every evening before you go to bed, write down a gratitude sentence for what you want to manifest 5 times. For Example: “I am so grateful for my new client that signed in for a 1:1 Coaching Program with me.”
  • Before you sleep take 5 min to visualize in your mind what you want to manifest. See it already as a reality, how would it make you feel, smile while you visualize it to include positive emotions with it.

I also share with you my favorite manifestation book here! If beginner or already a while on this path, this book is amazing and brings it to the point, it gives you step by step guidelines and advises how to manifest faster and with ease! 

Click on the photo to buy it, and let it improve your life as it did for me!

Grab your free Client Manifesto and Universal Payment Check

Try out the 7 day challenge and comment your result!

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