About me

The creative behind the business

hi there!

I’m Sina, your optimistic and spiritual designer.

I grew up in Switzerland, but at an early age I realized that my heart was not tied to just one place.  I was meant to explore the world and experience the exuberance of freedom and independence.

I love being surrounded by the ocean, free spirits, and creative visionaries. 

After my initial training in marketing, I decided to pair my creativity and passion for art with my love of travel by taking my work online. Upon the completion of further coursework and certifications in branding strategy and graphic and web design, I proudly launched my own design studio, SISISI Design. 

You may wonder, what does SISISI stand for? The lettering is inspired by my full name, Silvana Sina Simon. 

Through the creation of unique brands and modern websites, I help spiritual & creative coaches, entrepreneurs and small businesses attract their dream clients. Together, we can help make the world a happier place by ensuring that more people benefit from your life changing services and products!

I put all of my passion and love into each of my projects. You’ll get the extra care and attention you deserve for a unique result. Our one-to-one teamwork changes a business collaboration into a connective and joyful journey together.

If you are interested in learning more about my background and personality, you can read more on my personal page here.