What is the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Sales Page?

Chances are you have a website if you’re a business owner or entrepreneur. 

A website acts as an online home for your brand. 

It contains your bio, services, products, blog, and any other content that’s a part of your business. Do you want to send your audience over to your social media? Do you want to promote an online course? Do you want your audience to know about your next event? All of this (and more!) goes on your website.

Design is important when it comes to building your website, and I’m not just talking about aesthetics. Your website should be organized into different pages, optimizing your content. So let’s talk about 3 important pages your website needs.


The homepage is the first page of your website. It is a person’s first impression and can convert the viewer to a customer. Your homepage receives the bulk of your website’s traffic, so make it count! It needs a headline, navigation, calls to action, and anything important to know at-a-glance.


But what about a Landing Page and a Sales Page? Both are different from the homepage and serve a specific purpose.

Landing Page

A landing page is used to collect names and email addresses. It is a great way to get visitors to sign up for your newsletter. Consider it pure lead generation. If you offer a freebie – an eBook, masterclass, or anything else “free” – you would send the visitor to a landing page. The intent is to later sell them a product or service.

Sales Page

The Sales page sells a product or service. This page will have the details a visitor needs to determine whether or not to purchase the product. Think details, testimonials, and cost. There should also be a space to purchase.


Ultimately, the website is the center of your business. It houses everything from information about you, to blog posts, to products. Landing pages and sales pages are designed to convert. The landing page converts visitors into subscribers and usually offers a free incentive. The sales page sells a specific product or service.