Why you need a website, even if you're on social media!

If you aren’t present in the online world yet with a powerful online appearance,
then you’re missing out on a lot of advantages, my friend!

I share the 4 main reasons with you why you need to have a Website for your business,

even if you are on social media!

4 Reasons why you need a website:

1. Your business is your virtual store and business card.

Without an online presence, you don’t have a place to send your potential clients too!

You’re missing out on huge chances to connect with your ideal audience with your website online and build relationships that turn them into customers.

As you give your business card to people that you meet or spread it through public places in the physical world, you use the website to share your gift and services in the online world.

If you think: “ I can do that with my social media account too, well yes you can, but your potential customers don’t have a place with a clean overview, where your client can choose what they want to learn about, your background, your services, your prices, your promotions, etc.

Ideal visitors with an interest but not yet desire to work with you are not willing to spend to much time on scrolling and searching through your social media account for their answers.

2. It makes you stand out from the crowd

A website is a professional way to showcase your services and work. It is often the ice breaker for customers to connect with you and check your offers unconditionally.

People are shy and don’t want to feel like they have to interact and just want to get sold something, that’s why they feel safer to learn more about a company first on a website. This also is the reason why Social Proof/Testimonial are so powerful.

Proof/Testimonial are so powerful.

Additional Business Owners with brand recognition get more trust from their audience.

Customers often don’t immediately trust a brand they’ve never heard of before. That’s why a recognizable and strong online appearance bay be the reason why clients choose you over competitors. 

3. You have a free tool to do marketing research!

Your websites give you all the details of your visitors to learn more about your ideal clients’ background and behavior.

You can find out where your visitors are from, on what platform they find you, on which pages they spend the most time and many more details that help you to build the perfect platform to turn your website visitors into buyers by tracking their behavior.

4. You have a 24/7 marketing and sales service working for you. - MORE FREEDOM

While you sleep your website is doing the promotional and sales work for you which saves you TONS of time. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a good speaker or storyteller, if you get nervous speaking about your superpower, or just feel more introvert, cause “guess what” – Your website is doing the sales work for you!!!

This, my Friend, is PRICELESS!

Little tools like lead magnets, email marketing or organic traffic methods can give you the freedom to spend your time doing in what your best at!